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“The first time I called myself a Witch was the most magical moment of my life.”
                           ― Margot Adler

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Empowerment, Community, Advocacy

We strive to uphold the sacred tradition of sharing witchcraft knowledge across generations. We believe that learning, practicing your chosen Path, and connecting with community should be universally accessible, without bias or cost barriers.


Four Winds Witchery is dedicated to establishing a secure environment where individuals from diverse magickal traditions can gather to expand their spiritual journey. As a nurturing community and coven, we encourage lifelong connections among practitioners, fostering a culture of love and inclusivity towards all mystical paths.

We love to meet others who share a similar value of deepening their craft!

We offer a Grimoire full of gathered potions, remedies, videos and valuable witchcraft knowledge and get connected with groups, mentors, shops and other magickal resources! Chat in our forums and groups, take witchy challenges ….. & best of all, you'll find friends on the same witchcraft journey!

To contribute to our Grimoire or Spellbook on our website/app and printed versions ↓




Witchcraft is the practice of using energy to manifest your desire.

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“It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful.”

What are you grateful for today?

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Witchcraft is not docile. Witchcraft is what I turned to when every other avenue failed me. It was a last grasp – the feral response to my own undoing.



Please practice caution when practicing spellwork. Only work at your experience level.


FWW is not responsible for your judgment.


FWW does not condone magick done on behalf of or against another person, without their consent.

Ingestible remedies found within the FWW website are for edification or holistic purposes. Please confer with your physician before ingesting anything you are unfamiliar with. 

We have some simple rules that all Members are expected to follow. These can be found in About Us, and in our Discord server. 

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